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Wireless Flash Drive

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    • 『BLAZING FAST SPEED』- 5G WI-FI transfer makes long and tedious file transfer wait time a thing of the past. With transfer speeds at 433.3Mbps data rate, your files will be uploaded in seconds, not minutes. Have 10,000 pictures to transfer? Unlike other product that lag, freeze and disconnect, our CrystalDisk can transfer it all at once swift and easy.
    • 『ONE-TAP BACKUP』- Have you ever lost data or precious photos on your phone when you sync and backup? Say goodbye to that problem once and for all. Backup the files to the CrystalDisk from your mobile device wirelessly with a single click. Have CrystalDisk remember all of your contacts when you get a new phone, simply tap ‘Restore’, and all your backup data will be transferred, especially your contacts.
    • 『SECURITY』- Save your data locally, don’t let hackers have the chance to hack into your cloud account leaking personal photos. With WPA2 encryption, you can be sure your data is safe from hackers. Buy the CrystalDisk and save yourself the monthly fees of on-line cloud backup service.
    • 『STREAM AMONG PEERS』- With the ability to stream 4K/HD video or music to 6 ~ 10 devices such as smartphone, tablets, and computers, the V-smart CrystalDisk is the perfect way to share media with family, friends or colleagues.
    • 『FILE MANAGER』- Free app CrystalDisk available on Apple Store and Google Play. The app automatically classifies files with personal file manager and thumbnail preview.

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