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heavy duty dog walking harness

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    • NO PULL: Mechanical strap, which is designed to ease the force of your dog suddenly charging forward by countering with leverage force.
    • SECURE & EASY ON AND OFF: Side release buckle with center lock, which is more secure and impossible to open when locked. Dual-color and dual-lock design, which makes it easy to put on or take off the harness from your dog.
    • COMFORT & LUXURIOUS FEEL: The leash is made of Nylon, which has a smooth surface. Matte black steel finish created an unique luxury quality.
    • DURABLE & RESISTANCE: Thick and durable Nylon webbing belt, which is safer and more secure. The leash is water repellent and dirt resistant.
    • FIRM CONTROL: This thick nylon harness gives you firm control over your dog while not exerting too much pressure on the dog’s neck to affect its breathing.

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