Rock it anyway you want!



Rocking on stage

As a lead singer/ bass player, having freedom of movement on your own stage gives you a lot of maneuverability. Jump, turn, and twist, think about all the moves you can make when you rock on the stage. With all the cables attached to your instruments (guitar, microphone), as you immerse yourself in your own music, do you ever worry about getting tripped over by the instrument cables when you start kicking and jumping at the height of excitement? Wouldn’t it be better if your instruments are all connected wirelessly?

Wireless all the way!

Introducing Carol DW26 wireless adapter system. Comes with 3 different combos, DW26-RCD, DW26-RCI, DW26-RDI. (R stands for Receiver, C stands for Condenser Mic, D stands for Dynamic Mic, I stands for Instrument-Jack.) With the mic adapter and the instrument-jack connects to the devices, the guitarist can use both instruments wirelessly without worrying about getting tangled up by the cables.

Excellent sound quality

Carol DW26 wireless adapter system transmit sound without much delay. The latency of transmission is only 13ms. With 48KHz / 16bits audio sampling, the produced sound is better than CD quality. Your audience will love what you play while you move freely on the stage!

Take a Precautionary Step to Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lost

Pets bring joy to the owners’ life and heal loneliness felt by the owners, even those who have lots of human companionships are keen to form a special bond with their pets. Pets lower our stress level and enable us to give love while getting reciprocated.

When your pet is lost unintentionally

Because pets play an important role in our life, keeping them safe within our proximity without getting lost is crucial. Besides keeping the pet’s record and proof of ownership handy, which is necessary when claiming your lost pet, another important precautionary step to take is to attach a collar tag onto your pet’s collar.

A traditional customizable collar tag is readily available for purchase online, even though your personal address and information can be laser engraved on the tag, but often time the engravings disappear in a short period of time.

A Pet ID is different than a collar tag

BORNIER Pet ID Tube is a great alternative to metal engraving collar tag. Unlike the metal tag which is cumbersome, BORNIER Pet ID Tube is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. It’s bright in vivid color, which adds a sense of cuteness and nobleness to your pets’ appearance. Most importantly, you can put a paper note inside the tube with your personal information written on it. When your pet is lost unintentionally, it allows for the finder to contact the owner immediately. The ID Tube is waterproof once it’s sealed, so you won’t have to worry about the paper note getting wet.

Select the products from BORNIER and make your pet look special today.


One city is paying street performers a living wage for busking on the street

One of the best ways to learn about a city’s culture is through listening to the street performers playing local music on the corners of the street. The cultural value created by the performers is invaluable. Austin, TX is paying the street performers to do just what they like doing: play music.

It’s not only good in adding a community’s artistic and cultural identity but also on the personal level, it can boost performers’ confidence and better prepare oneself when playing for a large audience.

A Portable Wireless Adapter is a great help to the street performers. We recommend using CAROL’s DW-26-RDI. Its receiver has two outputs, one for 6.3mm connector capable electronic instrument, the other for XLR connection dynamic microphone. As a street performer, you will never have to worry about being tangled up by wires when busking. With 13ms latency, it transmits the sound perfectly without delay, while providing 48KHz/16 bits high-quality sound. It’s ultra small & light, you can power the receiver by using a power bank, no battery inside, very easy to use.

Join other performers using CAROL products to play music.