Rock it anyway you want!



Rocking on stage

As a lead singer/ bass player, having freedom of movement on your own stage gives you a lot of maneuverability. Jump, turn, and twist, think about all the moves you can make when you rock on the stage. With all the cables attached to your instruments (guitar, microphone), as you immerse yourself in your own music, do you ever worry about getting tripped over by the instrument cables when you start kicking and jumping at the height of excitement? Wouldn’t it be better if your instruments are all connected wirelessly?

Wireless all the way!

Introducing Carol DW26 wireless adapter system. Comes with 3 different combos, DW26-RCD, DW26-RCI, DW26-RDI. (R stands for Receiver, C stands for Condenser Mic, D stands for Dynamic Mic, I stands for Instrument-Jack.) With the mic adapter and the instrument-jack connects to the devices, the guitarist can use both instruments wirelessly without worrying about getting tangled up by the cables.

Excellent sound quality

Carol DW26 wireless adapter system transmit sound without much delay. The latency of transmission is only 13ms. With 48KHz / 16bits audio sampling, the produced sound is better than CD quality. Your audience will love what you play while you move freely on the stage!

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